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I Will Survive!

So lately I’ve noticed a few of my long time affiliates’ sites going down. I’m not sure if it’s permanent, but it got me thinking about how long I foresee my own site going on. Clearly I don’t update as often as I used to back in the day. It depends on how quickly I get to the mobile wallpaper requests, so it fluctuates from one to ten times a month. I’d call that a win considering how busy my adult life is. Even so, I feel I’ve missed the mark when it comes to fully engaging with the visitors of today, compared to the interaction I had with the viewers of yesteryear. I blame the explosion of new social medias and the fact that everything is “grab and go” nowadays.

I’ve just made the step to invigorate my Tumblr account again by connecting my Twitter. I apologize to the Tumblr followers that kind of got hung out to dry… Not that I feel my content was being watched very closely anyway… Ugh, the struggles of running this site alone…

Anywho, I may open up affiliations again shortly and extend the invite all year round rather than just Novembers. Hurray for new friends! 😀

As always, do follow my Twitter and Facebook for updates… And I guess Tumblr now! 😀

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