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Site Affiliations Now Open

I haven’t done this in years, but I’m now looking for affiliates. Please head over to the AFFILIATION PAGE to apply.

After combing through the Links Out page, it saddened me to see so many long time sites disappear. It really does show how old I’m getting… I WANT TO FEEL YOUNG AGAIN!

You all know that even if I’m not updating this site, I am super active on FACEBOOK and always on INSTAGRAM. I’m trying to keep up with the latest social networks with today’s kids. Luckily I still look like a 16 year old and can blend in… Or wait, not lucky… I err… JAILBAIT. Erhum…

If you haven’t already heard, MOBILE WALLPAPERS are a thing on this site now. I’ve also changed some layout issues for mobile users. Tell me if you see any problems.

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