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Air Gear




I can so see this sport in the future. Air Trecks- motorized roller blades that can have the rider “flying” through rooftops, jumping over buildings, etc, etc… It’s all very flashy with plenty of cool stunts and tournaments to uphold pride and bet team emblems on the line, but it also touches the mysteriousness of the 8 Kings, childhood crushes, and of course, the kid prodigy that comes out of nowhere to kick everyone’s arses. Of course the series ended in the middle of the manga somewhere, but overall it was decent. Plenty of nude girls flashing this and that in just about every inappropriate situations, along with humorous flashes from the guys (See, it’s funny when guys are butt naked, but sexual if girls are naked- Society is like that.) as well. The character design is nice and there’s one hot guy for every 2 or 3 hot girl (With a bonus homosexual or two and Shounen-Ai situations in the series. First Akito’s Kiss, then that Time Controlling guy, and let’s not forget Akito/Agito’s brother always looking as if he wants to strip his jacket and more off in every scene he’s in…) so it sounds normal for Shounen. ^^



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