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Angel Beats!




After discovering he has died and is now in a world of a High School setting, Yuzuru Otonashi joins the Shinda Sekai Sensen (Afterlife Battlefront), in the attempt to regain his memory. Those who are in Battlefront are rebelling against God and use weapons to constantly battle Angel – a fellow student with super natural powers. Otonashi tries to find his place in this world and slowly learns of the past lives of his newly found friends as he starts to remember his own.

The thing with short Animes are that they tend to fail in the character development department. This series was no different. While the idea is intriguing, the delivery felt rushed, oddly paced, and I forget who I’m supposed to be cheering for. I did not find myself attached to any character and the sappy back-stories seemed to be something forced for the sake of shedding tears. I believe if the series had a longer season and didn’t focus so much on trying to make the characters look and sing cool, the story could have been better.

Also I’d like to note that the English dubbing of it was slightly off from the original Japanese – in that I didn’t even understand the twist at the end until I was told what the Japanese version’s characters had said. (SPOILER: It has something to do with how Otonashi was Kanade’s heart donor.)



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