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Angelic Layer




Wait… I remember now… THIS is why I don’t like the Shoujo genre in general. -_- Very girly, kiddy, and oh so aggravating. If I had control of a moving doll, I’d kick Misaki’s butt in that game. I have heart of the cards AND I believe in myself! -_- Okay and I’m sorry, but any game that involves “dress your own doll shaped like a woman with perfect features” would DEFINITELY have more guys playing. Not only do they fight, cause destruction in the Layer, can cosplay any fantasy girl (or the occasional guy), but you get cool visors too! The series was about a 12 year old girl named Misaki Suzuhara who enters the world of the game Angelic Layer, where electronical dolls called Angels fight each other in competitions. Inspired to win after arriving in Tokyo to see a beautiful white Angel fight in the city’s giant screen, the noob wins tournament after tournament. (To my dismay and horror.) Through the tournament, she reunites with her mother who had abandoned her for almost a decade in search for a cure for her now paralyzed legs. Apparently, the Angelic Layer game started first as a research facility to manufacture mechanical limbs for the disabled. Along with the crazy, but brilliant researcher Ichiro Mihara (Who I swear sexually abuses his subordinate Ogata by having him “penaltied” every time he fails to do something. The methods of punishments however, are questionable… Octopus in pants, tied to the ground to bake in the sun, naming a doll after Ogata and then threatening to sleep with it every might…?) they are considered the mother and father of Angelic Layer. It is also no surprise that Ichiro has feeling for Misaki’s mother…



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