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Appleseed / Appleseed Ex Machina




Even though it’s computer animated, it’s still “anime” so here it is. ^^ A decent story, based off the graphic novels of Shirow Masamune (Ghost in the Shell). So if you like GITS, you’ll like this movie. The computer animation was okay for its time, but the thing to notice is its screenplay, especially its camera angles. The story is about the aftermath of a global war, where in the last city of Olympus, contains a flourishing population of half humans and half Bioroids- advanced human clones that do not reproduce and have emotions such as love, hate, and anger suppressed, under the watch of the super computer brain, Gaia. Their primary roles for existence is to balance and help maintain and preserve the human specie, since they do not possess urges to kill, hate, envy, and other traits that causes humans to kill. However, human terrorists within the military attempt a coup to regain control of the government that is made up of mostly Bioroids and computers, thus causing confusion for our heroine, Deunan Knute. Battling on the outskirts of the city even after the global war ended, she is taken into the city to lead the government’s E.S.W.A.T team with her former boyfriend who is now 75% machine. Somehow she is connected with a mysterious data called Appleseed, which is connected to the future of all Bioroids and the race of mankind itself…
Ex Machina follows its prequel and focuses on the mental struggles of Briareos, Deunan’s boyfriend and partner – and whose body is almost a completely artificial cyborg. Confusion arises for Deunan about her feelings and future with Briareos when he she is forced to partner with another after an explosion takes Briareos out of commission. The Bioroid was made from Briareos’ DNA – giving him the same face and personality as Briareos. To make matters worse, a series of terrorist attacks by mind-controlled cyborgs puts all E.S.W.A.T cyborg users out of the field. Olympus urges world leaders to allow Olympus to control all satellites to allow a unified defense against these threats, only making matters worse when the system is hacked into, allowing global control of cyborgs and Connexus users alike… Any movie involving John Woo promises action and special effects. This sequel is even greater than its predecessor in that it focuses more on character development and does a fantastic job. Definitely watch this movie.


8.6 / Ex Machina – 9.4

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