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Attack on Titan




In a world where giant human-devouring beings called Titans nearly wiped out the human race, humanity has found peace within their walled cities for a century. A boy named Eren Jaeger, his foster sister Mikasa Ackerman and their friend Armin Arlelt dream of exploring outside the walls one day, even joining the Survey Corps to see the outside world. However their world and peaceful reality comes crashing down when a Titan larger than anything they’ve ever seen before, breaks through the walls and allows smaller Titans to flood the cities. Eren watches in horror as his mother is eaten alive and from then on, vows to destroy every Titan in existence.

Although not a fully finished series with only one season, more is sure to come due to the amazing reception this anime received. The pacing is kind of slow and drags a bit at times, but it does pace itself and its flashback sequences better than the manga. An extremely gripping story with many mysteries yet to be solved, this anime (and its manga counterpart) will forever be a classic. Action packed, drama, cool weapons and all the feels…



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