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The story tells of two feuding shinobi clans under a temporary peace treaty suddenly gone to war again when the shogan decides to use the two clans as a way to decide his successor. Each side chooses ten warriors and fight to the death to gain the support of the Tokugawa government for the next thousand years. It is a bloody, action-packed anime with lots of swords, beheading, hair, naked bodies, and of course, love- as the two main characters are the new leaders of their clans, once engaged, but unfortunately, destined to kill each other like their respective grandmother/grandfather. Even though you can probably guess the ending from the beginning, you can’t help but watch each character go, one by one, in the most gruesome or humiliating way. You really can’t fall in love with one character since there isn’t enough time to build much character development on them. Even the main characters are kind of blah, although you can see their plight. It’s basically a Romeo and Juliet story gone shinobi style with cool abilities and more breasts.



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