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Story is about Shinigamis (death gods) mixed with slapstick comedy, hysterical disfigured forms and great for all viewers, but targets the male audience more. Seriously something there for everyone though. Includes cute guys and girls with erm, great assets, as well as blood and awesome fight scenes. Music is awesome as well. Still watching this anime as it becomes available for downloads. The story revolves around 15 year old Ichigo Kurosaki, made representative Shinigami after he somehow took all the powers of the Shinigami Rukia in an attempt to protect her and his family. When he’s not battling lost souls called Hollows, he’s fighting one captain classed Shinigami after another who wish to test his powers and limits. Many battles await him as he discovers his spirit pressure influences and passes to those around him… And that he’s not the only one of his kind…



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