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Blood : The Last Vampire




Forty-eight minutes long with no answers to your questions. While its visuals are impressive at times (but CG just totally awkward at others), the cast displayed a monotone and flat performance, with the exception of Saya’s Japanese voice. Most of it was in Japanese with subtitles and the English spoken while the character was in America sounded even more unexpressive. Much too short to develop the character or even tell us more than her name, the movie felt more like a single episode to what should have been longer series. (Watch Blood+)
The story takes place before the Vietnam War, in which a secret organization working outside of any country’s jurisdiction is fighting blood-sucking creatures called Teropterids. A young girl named Saya seems to be their best weapon against these creatures. Wielding a sword and possessing super-human strength, she is briefly mentioned as “The Last Original”, thus being the only hope for the human world against these creatures. These creatures have the ability to take human forms so Saya goes undercover in a high school in order to investigate the possibilities of Teropterids hiding in a nearby military base. The movie ends as suddenly as it begins, somehow hinting the fact that Saya is not human and in fact a Vampire of some sort, as a photograph of her from the 1800’s is shown at the end of the movie. Like I said over and over again, much too short to be fully appreciated.



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