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Blue Exorcist




There are two dimensions that mirror each other – the human world Assiah and the demon world of Gehenna. The only way demons can cross over to the other world is if they possess a human or animal in Assiah. The strongest demon of all, Satan, is too powerful for any human vessel to carry, so he impregnates a human woman, who bears twin sons. The mother dies shortly after giving birth to her sons, so a powerful human Exorcist raises them as his own. One is named Rin and the other is Yukio. Only Rin possesses demon powers and can be the potential vessel to Satan, so this fact his hidden from him until 15 years later, when his powers can no longer be suppressed. His foster father sacrifices himself to protect Rin, thus giving Rin the motivation to become an Exorcist himself, with the goal to defeat Satan. Meanwhile he discovers that Yukio is already an Exorcist and one his teachers…

This Anime completed itself before the manga ended so of course it wouldn’t hold a candle to the original. I felt the beginning had too much of a filler feel, despite developing important character developments and such. However the entire “plot” of the story was crammed into the last 5 episode of the series and that just killed everything. Characters began acting irrationally and things just got weaker. Aside from that, overall the series was really fun and makes me really want to continue reading the manga – just to know what a well, thought out version of this story would look like. Action was cool and the comedy and characters were fun.



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