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Chrono Crusade




What I find mildly amusing and satisfying about this series is the fact that it started off as a light-hearted slapstick comedy, but ended in such a sad and heart-wrenching way. The character development on the main characters are flawless and the entire series was paced in such a nice way. I definitely recommend this series to any anime fan in search of great animation, great story, demons, gun fights, magic, and of course, love and friendship. The series follows the story of a nun named Rosette Christopher and her demon partner Chrono, in their search for Rosette’s brother Joshua- who was taken away by a demon associate of Chrono’s, a powerful demon named Aion. During their search, they battle numerous other demons and begin to discover the reasons why Aion needs Joshua. Slowly but surely, Chrono is forced to confront his past and sacrifice everything once again to save the ones he loves. Prepare yourself for a beautiful journey with a sad ending…



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