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If you’re looking for a fresh new anime with an amazing storyline that will blow your mind out, this isn’t the one. However, if you’re looking for something to fun to watch, containing big swords, buckets of blood, tight white outfits, and blonde half-demons, this is your show. The story starts off with the murder and devouring of a human boy named Raki’s family, and his meeting with a Claymore- a female half human and half Yoma warrior, sworn to defend the human race. As he travels around with her, he gradually learns more about her past and slowly the story shows why this Claymore named Clare, decided to become a “silver-eyed witch”- feared by humans and Yoma alike. Then the usual overkilled storyline of revenge and slaughter ensues, ending in a predicted, unfinished way. And there you have it. An anime to watch, just so that you can say you watched it. Great for those who like action, not so great for the rest of the family- especially young, untainted eyes…



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