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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2


25 episode conclusion to the first season.


The struggle between The Black Knights and the rest of the world continues as Lelouch battles his friends, family, and ultimately, himself… You would think the continuation would be just as fantastic as the first part, but no… It dragged, went off in weird tangents and somehow things got rushed in the end. In general, the plot skewed off elsewhere and left you wondering who was the real villain and why some people were still alive after getting stabbed, shot, or blown up so many times. Although it had its share of sad moments here and there, for the most part, character development was better than the actual storyline. I wouldn’t say the ending was epic, but it did bring a wave of emotions, although some people will feel no sense of closure. In all, fans of this series will experience much aggravation and disappointment in this conclusion, followed by a small wave of sadness and disbelief.



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