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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion


25 episode cliff-hanger with a sequel to follow.


In the future, Japan is conquered by the Brittanian Empire and renamed “Area 11” which causes much unrest and hatred towards the empire from the “Elevens”. When seventeen year old Lelouch Lamperouge accidentally finds a mysterious girl named C.C. and receives the power of the “Geass”, he joins and leads a group of terrorists as the mysterious masked “Zero” to attempt to bring down the Brittanian Empire and carry out his revenge against the Brittanian Royal Family that betrayed he and his sister and mother long ago… What sparked my interest to watch this series was the fact that Lelouch’s character had been frequently compared to Death Note’s Kira/Light. While this story is still incomplete, this anime is sure to entertain you and once again question what “Justice” exactly is…



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