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Darker than BLACK




After the mysterious appearance of a strange and chaotic area called Hell’s Gate in Tokyo ten years ago, the natural stars at night disappeared, to be replaced with fake stars that represent an individual being called a Contractor. Contractors, humans with special abilities appear, unbeknownst to the public, are relatively emotionless (though this does not seem to appear so in the series- AT ALL.) and act solely on rational decisions, making them perfect weapons to use as spies and agents. Strangely true to its name, Contractors must also make a “payment” (obsessive compulsive activities) after using their powers, such as lining up stones in a square, singing, breaking fingers, drinking beer, smoking, singing a song, etc. Multiple secret organizations rise to uncover the mystery and power of Hell’s Gate, after the sudden disappearance of Heaven’s Gate in South America five years ago, (wiping out a 1500 KM radius around it). The story focuses on a strange Contractor called Hei, also known as the Black Death/Black Shinigami. Working for a powerful syndicate, he and his partners Yin, the emotionless medium “Doll”, Mao, a contractor who lost his body and resides in a cat, and Huang, the only true human in the group, slowly uncover the true reasons to the tragedy of Heaven’s Gate. What made this relatively pointless show enjoyable was the fact that although Hei is supposed to be emotionless (which he isn’t), we the audience get to see his surprisingly funny nature and odd-ball sort of persona. As if eating 50 bowls of noodles in one meal isn’t cute enough, this guy is actually in search of his missing younger sister. If that doesn’t make you go “Awwww…”, I don’t know what will. Besides that and a few somewhat entertaining battles, this series was more laid back than it should be, making things seem mysterious when it was just pointless to start with.



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