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Darker than BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini




Two years have passed since the first series and Hei is in Russia. He meets a girl named Suou Pavlichenko whose twin brother and father are somehow connected to the new war between contractors and various organizations. During a battle, Hei loses his contractor powers and is forced to fight harder than ever to prevent the world from ending by killing his former love and partner, Yin. Well if you watched the first series and thought it was mysterious and pointless for no reason, don’t expect this season’s plot to make sense either. HOWEVER, you DO get much better character development and small children. By small children I mean the return of July and the new character Suou. Strangely, for once I did not feel the attraction this little girl had on an older male was strange at all. It was very well done and you saw how she gradually developed something for Hei, despite his new unshaven, homeless look. Sadly, there just wasn’t enough episodes to make things end smoothly and the ending is as vague as ever. One thing is for sure – you will enjoy this series if you aren’t looking for an actual plot.



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