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Death Note




I was skeptical about watching this series at first, because I had read the manga and disliked its ending and pacing after the first half… To my delight, the oddly numbered 37 episode series showed how an anime can in fact be better than its manga counterpart- by dropping out all the long, dragging parts and adding special light saber effects on simple movements such as writing in a book. And of course, by changing the ending slightly- so that there is the same outcome, only it is approached in a much more classier, non-uncharacteristic way…
The story is about an intelligent young man named Light Yagami, who possesses an extreme sense of justice after he finds a “Death Note” that was dropped onto earth by a Soul Reaper. In the attempt to eradicate crime and all evil, Light uses the powers of the Death Note by writing the names of all the criminal he sees on TV, killing them. This starts an international investigation and begins one of the most exhilarating cat and mouse chase between two men who have very different views of what “Justice” is. (Light Yagami vs one who calls himself L) This story explores how power can corrupt and other moral values. If you want to entertain yourself in an intelligent way, YOU MUST SEE THIS SERIES!



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