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Dragon Ball/Z/GT


Multiple Seasons


Based on the Chinese legend of Journey to the West (You know that Monkey King thing with the monk…), this anime basically repeats itself over and over again, using the same excuses, relatively the same moves, but different animators. The animation gets better and better thoughout the individual series. One question remains… WHY WON’T GOKU JUST DIE?! AND STAY THAT WAY?! Even after his death his freakin name lives on in his great,great grandson… Argued to be the most action-packed series in anime… To the US audience especially…And the editors just suck with their softened language and attempts to hide the nudity. I mean Gohan had his clothes blown off him just to have a fully-grown pine tree shrunken down to size to cover his privates… In the middle of a desert.. After they blew up their surroundings… How the hell did a pine tree survive???


For all series an average of 7.5

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