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DRAMAtical Murder




Aoba is a young man with an unusually pleasant voice and hair that can feel pain. One day during a delivery, he finds himself in a virtual battle called “Rhyme” and is thrown into a world of turf wars and conspiracy.

Honestly this series would have gotten a 2 or 3 from me, if it weren’t for the fact that I was thinking about the work put into animating and producing this turd. I’m sure the animators and tweeners worked really hard for crappy wages, so I dedicate the few points to their hard work. I was super disappointed with this series, as I’ve watched and am familiar with Nitro+’s other Boys Love titles and games. I know BL games made into series don’t usually turn out as gold, but the amount of bad dialogue and lack of chemistry between the characters was astonishing. One dimensional is an understatement…



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