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Eden of the East


11 Episodes and 2 movies


During her college graduation trip to Washington D.C., Saki Morimi finds herself being saved from trouble by a naked young man with amnesia, holding nothing but a cellphone and a gun. The two flee to Japan just as the eleventh missile of the “Careless Monday” terrorist attacks strikes Japan, killing people for the first time. The young man (who calls himself Akira Takizawa when acquiring one of his many passports) is told via a concierge on his cellphone that he is part of a game to be a messiah of Japan, with the goal to save the nation. He has 8,200,000,000 yen in digital cash to spend with the ability to buy almost anything he desires. (From weapons to political favors.) In order to survive the game he must continue to play, while trying to figure out why he erased his own memory in the first place.

The pacing of the episodes were better than the movies – the second movie feeling more like a dragged out episode than an actual movie. The beginning of this series had a fun and mysterious feel to it, however there was this looming fear of a disappointing ending. Either I’ve watched way too many Anime or the plot was simply too predictable. The “villains” of the story lacked clear reasoning and personality, making their master plan sound pretentious and ridiculous. Or perhaps it’s just the fact that there were no consequences to actions that actually mattered. Either way, the story had potential but ended with just a spiel of nonsense in the attempt to sound philosophical.


Overall series and movies 8.3

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