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Elemental Gelade




What made this series fail is not only the fact that its plot was unoriginal and boring, but also a sense that its creation had not asked for more than just mediocre way to pass time. The story is about an amateur sky pirate named Cou Van Giruet, and his quest to bring this mysterious girl named Reverie (Ren) Metherlence to Edel Garden- where “Edel Raids” (beings with amazing powers, such as Ren herself) roam free. Of course there is the usual damsel in distress, cocky attitudes of the main character rising to his purpose, and of course- hundreds of nameless individuals that get beat up/blown away just because the main characters are on the screen. If this show enlightens you somehow, then you probably have the intellect of an 8 year old child who still dreams of princesses and ponies.



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