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Elfen Lied




This series contained a LOT of blood, rolling heads, amputated limbs and naked girls. Can one ask for more? The story is about a virus that gives humans horns, red hair and eyes, and “vectors” (extended invisible hands that can reach from two meters to eleven meters and can split your head open or squish your body like a tomato.) that is spreading throughout places in Japan after the awakening of the first female diclonius. The first female diclonius named Lucy (who is seen as a new Eve to mankind) escapes a secret facility that captures and controls dicloniuses for their own purposes. She is shot in the head before escaping and develops a bubbly Chobit like (Nyuu instead of Chii…) split personality. By a chance encounter, she meets up with a young man named Kouta with a forgotten dark past he had shared with Lucy. Because Lucy goes Nyuu in and out, she is unable to communicate with him about the past, although both of them feel they know each other. The bloodiness of this series is shocking at first, but then you sort of get used to it and expect anyone that is standing still to just split open at any given second. I felt the ending was a bit incomplete with the organization still being intact and all and I also felt really bad for Director Kurama and his daughter. Heart wrenching ending you can say with plenty of blood. The only thing that bugged me was that Nana continued to live, even though she’d had been spared death three times in this series.



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