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Ergo Proxy




This series became a real disappointment to me. I first noticed this around episode 5 however. Anyway, the story was dragged, lacked any sense and tried to incorporate a suspenseful and mysterious feel to it but failed… REALLY BADLY. It first talks about a dome called Romdeau whose inhabitants are brainless worker ants in a society where the government dictates their every way of life in exchange for total peace and safety, in contrast to the dying planet’s harsh terrains outside the dome. You’d have the same freaking brainwashing service announcement on public display and audio all the time: “Fellow citizens, do your part and make waste. Life is easier when you lighten your load.” In this fake paradise, humans are accompanied by androids named Autoraves with personal companions called Entourages. (Usually Entourages are for the working elite.) Our story surrounds our leading lady, Real Mayar, inspector from the Citizen Information Bureau and granddaughter of the Councilor/leader of Romdeau. She is extremely bored with her perfect way of life and wishes something exciting would happen, as she openly expresses this to her Entourage Iggy by telling it straight to his AI face. As she is studying the series of murders committed by berserk autoraves infected with Cogito Virus which allows the autoraves to become aware of themselves (their first reaction when infected is to kneel down, clasp their hands together, stair into the sky and sort of pray…), she is confronted with the mysterious monster-like being called a Proxy, which overturns Romdeaus delicate and peaceful way of life. (It’s sort of funny how people still walk in a straight line like nothing’s happening when the person next to them just got their head splattered against a wall or escalator. Things spin out of control as a man named Vincent Law is somehow connected and framed with all of this, forcing him to leave Romdeau and in her suspicion of a government conspiracy, Real follows him. What made this all stupid was that the adventure never made it to a climax, the suspense wasn’t all that suspenseful and the ending didn’t explain anything and tried to instead, use a lot of hystorical, mythical and even biblical references that made no sense or made the series better as a whole.Cradle and the Ark? Daedalus and Icarus’ wings? OMFG this series unique art and style had such potential, but they ruined it with STUPID STUPID plot that tried too hard to be like Ghost in the Shell. I was bored out of my mind after the first three episodes, but regained some interest when Iggy exploded and cursed at Real for living and begged for forgiveness at the same time. That was a little freaky.



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