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Eureka 7


50 and a movie (set in an alternate universe) / Ao 24


Rarely do you find a 50 episode series that keeps you on the seat from beginning to end with little to no plotholes and/or disappointments. Not only does this series have style, great animation, diverse characters that you find you love in a short time, and an intensely deep plot with a dash of love, but it’s also got mechs… MECHS! People compare this series to Evangelion (come on, in the mech world it’s compared to Eva or Gundam) but I found it by far more enjoyable than Eva with its colorful characters and great development. Some have said it moved a little slow in the first 10 episodes or so, but I felt it was needed. The entire surfing in the air and mechs with boards just blew me away. So did Doggie-Niisan (Moondoggie) and Holland’s awesome orange boxers. XD I heart Dominic closely too. The poor boy kept getting abused by the one he admired. So basically it’s about a 14 year old kid named Renton Thurston, son of the military researcher that supoosedly saved the word in the mysterious phenomenon named “Summer of Love.” He joins the Gekko State, led by his reffing idol Holland Novak, and his crew of mercenaries against the government in attempt to unite humans and Coralians (unseen beings that also inhabit the world) together with the legendary Nirvash and its original pilot (And love interest to Renton), the mysterious Eureka.

The movie Eureka Seven – good night, sleep tight, young lovers was an alternate universe that ruined a lot of the characteristics loved in the original series. Basically fans of Eureka Seven series hated the movie and people who had never seen the series liked it… I loved the series so I thought this movie was utter crap. Renton and Eureka are childhood friends, growing up with the larvae Nirvash and their professor Dominic. When the professor dies and Eureka is taken away by the government, Renton spends the next few years of his life searching for her, joining the original crew of the Gekkostate – who are in fact, victims of government experiments who vow to return to Neverland and have those who caused them misery pay for what they’ve done.

Eureka Seven Ao follows the story of Ao, the son of Eureka and his adventures with Nirvash and an organization called Generation Blue. A much more disappointing story, to which I pretend never happened…


9.65 / Movie – 6.5 / Eureka Seven Ao – 6.5

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