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Fate/Stay Night




Okay… First off, I’d like to say: WTF?! This well animated, well orchestrated series went NOWHERE. I was awaiting the climax to this crap story until the very end and still didn’t rise over a plateau set out from the beginning. Not only was the character development slow and pointless (The main character did NOT change from beginning to end.), but there was almost no peak of interest whatsoever. All it contained were half-assed fights that didn’t entertain any hardcore action fan, skimpy dressed girls that hug and blush at each other for no reason, and oh, let’s not forget the single guy in a household full of girls such as his neighbors, rival, worst enemy and teacher thing… -_- Perhaps the most irritating of all was the fact that historical character such as Hercules (Which was pronounced Herecles), Gilgamesh and King Arthur (Who, btw is a WOMAN in this series. Never explained why KING ARTHUR was reincarnated as a woman or why he/she kept referring himself/herself as a woman in the past as well, while acknowledging the fact that kings can only be MALES…) were totally distorted. King Arthur died to his bastard son and was not a woman. -_- Why did no one question the fact that KING ARTHUR WAS A WOMAN?! *pants* Okay, so this series is about a kid named Emiya Shirou (First name Shirou) who is dragged into this war for the Holy Grail somehow since he’s a half assed magician with undeveloped powers. His “Servant” is Saber (King Arthur in drag), the strongest out of the seven servant types. They try and defeat all the other Master and Servants while forming allies, and blah blah, nude scene and girls being kidnapped wear tight black leather. -_- Well I shouldn’t expect anymore from a hentai related game… Oh and I’d just like to point out that certain Servants were absolutely worthless despite having a semi “lead” role *cough* Archer *cough* and died off pitifully while boring character such as Saber lived on one too many battles… I don’t see why this series is such a big hit… *Sees a bunch of boys drooling over FSN Doujinshis* Oh wait, nevermind… Like I said.. Good animation and great music… Really, really, really bad plot with no climax. I want to fail this series and give it a 5 or 6 but… For the good animation and music… [EDIT] Oh crap. After finding out a few more spoilers outside the anime but based on the GAMES… -_- I find the series more… Sensible so I get to up it a notch. Basically the execution of this series was poor, but original story is good… Damn you crappy writers…[/EDIT]



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