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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children




This isn’t anime but it IS a Japanese product so…

I’ve never played the game. From all the criticisms and praises I’ve heard/read about it, this is how I feel. If it can make a person who has NEVER played the game WANT TO play the game and visit dozens of sites to read character bios on the game’s character and storyline, then it IS a good movie. Sure it confused the heck out of me at first, but I caught up. And after I read the basic backgrounds of the game after watching it the first time- I watched it again… The following day. People have complained that Cloud can’t jump that high, or the story didn’t really develop anything… The counter to that from what I’ve read is that the team purposely wanted Cloud to be more incredible than ever to simply MAKE IT LOOK COOL. Oh come on. You can take it that a guy’s hair can stand up that high without using gel, but can’t imagine him jumping up 300 feet into the air? It’s just a FUN MOVIE… And stories that end perfectly such as the game’s shouldn’t be deveoped and ruined right? Sure his character may have disappointed some for being so depressed, but it did make him cute… *shrugs* Besides. The music and art alone is enough to satisfy almost any customer.



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