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Final Fantasy VII: Last Order


30 minute OVA


Were you confused watching the Advent Children movie? How do you think I felt, having never played the game or missing out on this short OVA? Well, luckily I my brother looked it up and enlightened me that something did happen before the Advent Children movie. Basically Cloud is a useless sack of potato and Zack is forced to drag him around and save his ass every three seconds as Cloud sits there and drools in his depression. You see parts of the game I’m told (since I didn’t play the game) in which Sephiroth takes Jenova’s head and Zack confronts and fights him. There’s a little briefing of what’s going on, but just barely so that people who didn’t play the game would sort of understand. Then you get to cry/scream for your money back as Zack gets sniped in the head, taking the bullet for Cloud. Okay I just ruined it for you. Enjoy the Advent Children movie now! ^^ My rating is based on my love for the art, Zack’s hotness, and Cloud’s cuteness being all useless and pampered by Zack, wrapped up in a blanket. (Makes cooing sounds and thinks of obvious yaoi and Doujinshi art that pops into mind…) Oh and yes, while the Advent Children movie was NOT animated, THIS WAS. (Thus making it to my Anime Review Section. ^^)



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