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Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club


Season 1 – 12 / Season 2 – 13


In season one, Haruka Nanase, Makoto Tachibana, Nagisa Hazuki and Rin Matsuoka were all classmates and swimming teammates in elementary school, but then parted ways. Years later after studying abroad in hopes to compete in the Olympics, Rin returns and challenges Haruka to a race. Unsatisfied with Haruka’s defeat outside his peak physical state, Rin continues to train in a rivaling high school swim team. Meanwhile, Haruka, Makoto and Nagisa recruit Rei Ryugazaki from the track team to form the Iwatobi High School Swimming Club – with the goal to beat their former teammate and advance to nationals.

In season two, the rivalry and friendships continue with new teammates as the seniors must look ahead towards their futures after high school.

Surprisingly, this series was not just mere eye-candy for the men-lovers out there. There was some sort of plot, but most of the time it focused heavily on teenage angst with homoerotic tendencies. The characters were likeable and developed fairly well for a 12/13 episode series about swimming. (It’s no Prince of Tennis or Initial D, but whatever.) Summer fluff, that’s what this was. If you want to see pretty fluff, this series is perfect for you.



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