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Fruits Basket




Well here’s one of those animes I had watched a part of then dropped in fear that it would be too girly and such. I’m glad I went back to it, I’ll admit. This show is rather hysterical, although I can’t say I’ m too into the story with the mushy stuff. In reality, I don’t give a rat’s ass (hehe) who Tohru ends up with. If you must know, I like Kyo better than Yuki, not because he’s too girly or anything (you know how I feel about yaoi and gay guys X3 ) but just because I do. The story is about the Souma family who are cursed with 12 of them becoming the selected animals of the Chinese Zodiac when hugged by the opposite sex. The anime is cut short and raving fans were really looking for another season. Personally I didn’t think the ending was a cliffhanger or anything.. Although I AM aware of future events in the manga and I must say SHIGURE.. BAAAAAAD DOGGY ^^; My favorite characters were Shigure (the 27 year old adorable pervert), Hatori (the cool emotionless babe- half bind too! (Hakkai???)) and Hatsuharu- the gorgeous kid with the split personalities. Seriously though, his alter, “Black Haru” isn’t nearly as destructive as Kagura and her bipolar disease. I mean come on she can kick his ass and Kyo’s together any day. Only difference is that maybe Kagura feels embarrassment in front of strangers and only beats up Kyo (as showed in the supermarket with Kyo) when she’s bipolar, while Haru-kun could care less when, where and whose ass he kicks. I don’t want to spoil any more fun for future manga readers, but definitely pick up the manga if you want to continue the story. You don’t get to meet all 12 zodiacs in the series, which is sad. Also I’d like to say that Uo and Hanajima seem like the types of friends I’d hang out with… Gang members and gothic psychics lol…



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