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Full Metal Panic!




Well first off, the dubbing wasn’t too bad but not perfect. The voice actors worked fairly well with the anime, and I had no problem watching most of it dubbed. I had a problem at times with the lack of music in the background in certain important scenes however. Also the storyline tries to focus or accomplish too many things, therefore leaving me confused on whether this series was supposed to be a comedy or serious mecha show or both. It’s transition was what messed it up. One episode it was a boring, slightly comedic and pointless filler and the next episode it would get serious again and lead to what seemed like another important arc for such a short series. Character development was good, but the minor supporting characters seem almost useless once the series ends. By the end of the short series, I had forgotten that this anime started off goofy and bubbly. The end sort of created a dramatic rise, then just went into a plateau to nothingness. But now I’m just complaining too much, because this anime had some great mecha fights and the main story was pretty good. The thing is that I wished they had focused more on what the Whispers were rather than shove it all at you in the end. Also what was with the “I love you Kashim” by Gauron at the end? That was an awkward gay moment there… Was he just toying with Sousuke or did he just blurt out that remark before he self destructed just to sicken Sousuke even more? So yes this anime is all about action, comedy, mecha and a touch of romance.



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