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Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa




Oh what a tragedy. This was one of those rare animes where I wanted a perfect sappy ending where everyone gets together and lives together and basically Ed returns to Al’s world okay?! But did we get that? Noo… We got a slow developing crappy excuse for an ending that left me more angry than happy or sad. Basically The Nazis are going to have an uprising in Ed’s world and a small group decides the gate is to be opened to Shambala, some mystical place of legend and power, when in reality it is just Ed’s home world where Al is waiting. The gates open on both sides because somehow the world that can’t use alchemy CAN use alchemy with the help of Envy the dragon and Ed’s dad sacrificing himself, and on the other side, Gluttony the freak show worm thing and Wrath, the sacrificial, “To mommy I go,” boy… What the hell? Since when did NO ALCHEMY become “A Little Incomplete Alchemy” and what the hell gave writers the idea that Uranium came from a place based on alchemy rather than “the world of technology”? And furthermore, Ed had the guts and brains to not want to bring a war over to his home world in exchange for his passage there, but his wise old father would? At least Al took some good lessons from Izumi before she passed, and created his own style of arrays and “detachable soul transfer” technique… The grand meeting of the brothers and Winry was sooo bad and short and so not what I expected… (Teary, laughter, etc.) Even given the circumstances, all Al did was go, “Brother!” No hugs, no sympathy, nothing.. Only Winry’s welcome and “Let’s get down to business” face. (Some evil woman crossed over with an army of metal armors shaped like Al’s old armor body.) However the fact that some woman who has never even seen an array before can produce a whole crapload, and on top of that, master them easily to produce firepower that burdens BOTH Elric brothers, ALL of Central, and hell, even Mustang?! He could have lit the antagonist (Evil woman wanted to destroy Ed’s world once she crossed over and realized it was truly not Shambala) fifteen times with his eyes closed and saved the day twice, but nooooo, we get some fight that resembled Greed and Ed’s fight- same skills, moves and what…? The woman can fight?! Wasn’t she only shooting pistols earlier and now she can dodge metal flying at her face and produce arrays like it’s elementary school work? The worst was the ending. Boy how I hated it… *SPOILER* And they live happily ever after….. IN THE OTHER WORLD?! What the heck?! All you had to do to prevent crossing of worlds was destroy ONE gate Ed, not two- ONE. Because of that Ed went back over after his short return, leaving Winry and everything he had dreamed of seeing again in the past two years. Sure your mom and teacher’s dead, but your potential girlfriend, her family, your teacher’s widowed husband, and all your friends at Central have no attachment to you? And what’s worse he was going to leave Al there… Al, being the great little brother he is, jumped back with him, thus both being stuck in our world forever. Good job guys. You’re about to go through WWII and the Holocaust from where they lived- GERMANY. Yes you go find that bomb they brought over from the OTHER world… Bad development with a very disappointing ending. The only heart wrenching part was when Wrath sacrificed himself and we got to watch his automail arms rip apart and when the OTHER Alphonse from our world sacrificed himself to get Ed back over… Only in VAIN since Ed came back.. What the hell… So many bad plotholes and did not live up to the series AT ALL… -_-



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