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Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo




I can’t decide if I would had enjoyed this series more if I wasn’t already familiar with The Count of Monte Cristo story through the movie. Anyway, it tells it from a different point of view, different time period and begins the story in the setting 2/3 into the story of the original plot. That is, the Count/Edmond Dantes meets up with the main character- Albert who is the son of the friend who betrayed him and had him imprisoned for a crime he did not commit for 10 years. It’s an interesting point of view and the animation was so visually confusing and strange at first with all the patterns moving across the screen, but you’d get used to it and kind of stare in awe at all the designs to the ships and stuff. Anyway, they had slight changes to the story with added characters, for example since it was told in Albert’s view, we got to meet his close knit group of friends and get a taste of aristocratic snobs. I felt there were hintings of gay pairings between Albert and his best friend Franz (And the added blushes of every meeting between the Count and Albert didn’t help…), but after his death I realized he was just a genuine friend. I cried. The death was so unfair and really added tot he plot. What had me a bit confused/annoyed at the end was the fact that Albert was not Dante’s son. In the original story, I could swear he was. (It’s been a while.) And that could also add to the weird blushing sense that in the times they met, they were actually sharing father and son moments even if it was all part of a plot for the Count’s revenge. A little slow at first, but in the end quite captivating and a fine retelling of a classic story. Just add futuristic gadgets and a vampire/demon and you’re all set. ^^



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