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“Their initials are G and B.” Ginji and Ban are always poor and hungry no matter how big the reward for their services is. Somehow, they just can’t keep the money they’ve earned. They are professional at getting things that were stolen back, whether it’s a keychain, someone’s memory, a child, or a priceless statue. Using their unique powers, we find that their dark past is more interesting than their present jobs. This anime starts off slow at first, but towards the middle of the series, we see the coolest fights and conflicts kick off. The anime is hysterically funny with its SD forms and slapstick comedy all the way through though- even in the darker moments. I managed to Bishie Ginji-kun (preferably in his SD/Chibi form or his super HOT Ratei (Lightning/Thunder God) mode ^^ I’d say this anime is directed towards female fans mostly, because of the lineup of cute guys but it does contain the traditional female with huge breasts. Oh and yes I do believe Ginji and Ban were straight, but as the series went on, I swore they had the hots for each other- Especially in the last scene where Ginji rests his head on Ban’s shoulder. Kazuki (one of the “prettiest” guys you will ever see) and Jubei though- definitely cute together and gay. Toshiki, move the hell out of the way!



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