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Ghost in the Shell


Multiple Series


An anime that questions the definition of a human and its soul. Once humans can exist outside their natural bodies, are they any different from Artificial Intelligent beings? The first GIS movie was ground-breaking in its ideas and philosophies. SAC- Confusing and weird until the last 5 episodes which proved to be one hell of a rollercoaster thrill ride. AWESOME. It’s 2nd Act was the continuation and wasn’t as thrilling but was a bit more emotional. TACHIKOMA!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!! The Innocence movie kept to the plot, but was relatively weak compared to a full series. Solid State Society however, was fantastic in continuing the story with Togusa as the new leader, two years after the Major had left section 9.


9.2 / SAC- 9.8 / SAC 2nd Act – 9.2 / Innocence- 8.3 / Solid State Society- 9.0

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