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First off, this series can’t be considered yaoi because all they show is kissing. And even then the kisses are like little third grader pecks. I’m not sure how much the mangas show, but the series only implies that they get physical in bed, but never show anything past hugs and pecks. I don’t see what the attraction is between Yuki and Shuichi and their meeting and the path to their relationship is sort of weak. So you have this kid gawking at you, therefore you know he’s attracted to and therefore you can kiss him? Don’t think so. The character development is okay and pretty funny, but most of the series, the two love birds are apart and fighting. I wouldn’t exactly rank them as one of my favorite couples seeing how the whole thing barely makes sense. Not sure how the manga had them meet and develop, but I’m assuming like all other mangas, it’s way better than the series. Also… Mr. K.. The BEST gun-slinging manager in the world… And their poor overstressed ex-manager Sakano-san… Hysterical guy…



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