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Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)




Although this series is highly perverted, you can’t help but explode in laughter at the slapstick comedy and OD of “in your face humor.” Rarely do I laugh at jokes in animes, much less 80% of the series, but this old school anime takes the cake. Eikichi Onizuka is an obnoxious 22 year old perverted bachelor – and proud of it… Except for the bachelor part. Formerly a bike gang leader, Onizuka decides he wants to be the world’s greatest teacher to mold the minds of young people and most important of all, surround himself with young high school girls in short skirts. Through unconventional methods, which the staff of the school are quick to notice, Onizuka rehabilitates the “troubled” students which have caused chaos for teachers before him – regaining their trust in teachers and adults, bringing people together, and more importantly, making school fun again.



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