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Guilty Crown




After the events of “Lost Christmas,” an alien virus outbreak that occurred in Japan ten years ago, its citizens find itself under the oppressive rule of GHQ to “contain” the situation. When a quiet and indecisive high school student named Shu Ouma encounters the stoic and beautiful singer named Inori, he finds himself involved in the resistant group called Funeral Parlor. Led by Gai Tsutsugami, they fight against GHQ with a mysterious power stolen from their headquarters. Unfortunately, the power is accidentally obtained by Shu in his desperation to save Inori. Called the “Power of Kings,” it allows the user to extract powerful weapons from individual’s hearts. Using this power, Shu rediscovers himself and the past in which he has suppressed for so long.

This show sucks. Everyone had such high expectations for it, considering it was the people that brought us Death Note and Code Geass. However when working together they create THIS garbage. It was such a waste of redjuice’s art. It wasn’t just horrible writing, but inconsistent character traits, unnecessary use of fanservice and an annoying main character that wouldn’t stop whining 90% of the series. To add to it all, the heroine was just boring and lacked a personality.

This series is another case of what “could have been” if it had a plot that didn’t have plot holes and poor use of shocks and twists to engross bored viewers. In much of the series, you are scratching your head at the decisions characters make through their inconsistent way of reacting to things – so much so that you swear 16 people tried to write the scene and it ended up as a horrible mash-up of everyone’s input. The pacing is horrible as it tries to mix high school antics within what is supposed to be an action-based show. Lastly, you either get so bored or angry at characters, that after 5 episodes in, you’re wondering why you’re still watching and hoping things get better. Well it doesn’t. Overall this series is garbage, but it gets the rating I’m giving it because it was shiny and what Shounen is, after all. During its run, I had the privilege of exploiting the popularity of the series, through making graphics to increase traffic to this site. So soak it all up, fanboys… 😛



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