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A beautiful drama of friendship, love, betrayal, rise to power, and puppet zombies.

The story is about a passive but well-built young man named Brandon Heat’s life as a punk thief with his best friend Harry McDowel, and their goals to rise above the slums. When their friends are murdered in another gang related quarrel, they join the biggest mafia syndicate called Millennion to pursue their dreams and follow Brandon’s crush, Maria. Viewers then watch as the two grow in age, rise in power, and eventually turn on each other for the sake of loyalty/power. Brandon is killed but is then resurrected from the dead in an experimental project to reanimate the dead to use as zombie slaves. He is renamed “Beyond the Grave” and ensues his revenge on his former best friend, over a decade after his death. What I liked about this series is that it really went into depth with the character developments and although this storyline is over-killed, the outcome was rather enjoyable. What I found slightly disappointing was that after the climax towards the end of the series, it slowed down drastically to further develop the character developments. (Necessary but still disappointing.) But in general, this is a great series to watch if you like guns, hats, and the silent types.



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