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Hunter X Hunter




This show first reminded me of two things- Yu Yu Hakasho and Naruto. The tournament styles were too familiar and as for the Naruto part, I believe Naruto may have ripped some stuff off of this anime during the Chuunin Exam section. The first half of this anime followed the kiddy show that followed the YYH sequences, but then in the last 10 episodes, the anime almost switches main character and theme! It suddenly turns darker and creates almost a story of its own. Comparing the last ten episodes to the first 50+, I can see almost no connection. The ending leaves too many weird openings and hell, I even switched favorite characters for the show… Wanna see a cool anime? Watch the last 10 episodes of this series…. @_@ Seriously the last episodes kick butt but the first 50 was sort of a snore… The first OVA is a continuation of the series and is only 8 episodes long. Still not as cool as the last 10 episodes of the series, nor does it end anything. The second OVA sort of completes the Kurapica as the main character role thing, and moves back to Gon and Killua. Once again not as action packed, but the new Greed Island game concepts are fantastic. It’s like RPG card games or something. I still think Kurapica’s story had more edge and interesting fields to it, and seeing as he’s still on one more mission, I’m sure it won’t be the last we’ll see of him. Leorio’s got the worst of luck. He’s still basically the weakest one!


Series- 8.65 / OVA 1- 8.3 / OVA 2- 8.45

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