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Infinite Stratos




In a world where only females can pilot a mechanized exoskeleton system named Infinite Stratos, Ichika Orimura is the only male in the world capable of being compatible with an IS. He is enrolled into a school that specializes in training IS pilots, where of course, he is the only male. Enter the usual harem story…

Stupid show. I’ll say it up front. Stupid show. Not once was it explained WHY only females can pilot it. That would be an important thing to explain, you would think. Another thing they don’t explain is why he’s the only male that can pilot. And of course when you’re the only guy in the entire school, every girl wants to sleep with you and suddenly all the “strong and cool” girls turn into blushing damsels that suddenly find themselves having to undress in odd situations in front of a guy. Between the useless tittle girls from every country that chase after him, to the bumbling idiot of a teacher that happens to fall over and reveal cleavage all the time (despite being a champion pilot, or some garbage), I found myself rolling my eyes too often. To top it all off, the fight scenes weren’t even that impressive. I’d give the ratings a lower score, if it weren’t for the fact that I’d seen worse.



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