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Initial D




First let me state that I do not particularly find cars interesting at all. All I know and need is that they have four wheels and get me to places. Now having said that, I loved this series. It wasn’t about the fancy cars or the cool tricks they used to race each other. It’s the drama. Sure the art is really old (1999), but the action is there. This was the first Anime to use CG with drawings, delivering the tire spins and crazy drifts.

The story is about a quiet and dazed high school student named Takumi Fujiwara. He works at a gas station during the day and delivers tofu at night for his dad’s tofu shop. Little does he know that his dad’s training on how to drive to keep the tofu intact and his dad’s modified Toyota Sprinter AE86 Trueno makes Takumi one of the best downhill racer in Mt. Akina! When he unknowingly passes a renowned street racer downhill one night while delivering tofu, Takumi suddenly becomes the target for racers all over the Gunma prefecture! Talk about awkward.



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