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Jigoku Shoujo




Another series that should have just made an OVA. The fact that it’s 26 episodes long just dragged it. It tells the story of Enma Ai and her subordinates, who ferries people to Hell by making a pact with them after they pull the red string off a straw doll (Who is in fact one of her three subordinates). People who seek revenge can access her website at midnight and write the name of the person they want to kill. If Ai, the Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) accepts the request, she hands you a doll with the warning that when you pull the string that TWO GRAVES are dug- that is, if you send someone to hell, you will have a branded mark on your chest that promises your place in Hell with eternal suffering after you die.

The idea is cool and Ai’s past was messed up, but what killed the series is the dragged episodes of the many different people’s reason for revenge. There was the “Kill the veterinarian because he killed my dog”, “pull the string because your best fried/former enemy said to”, “You killed my best friend so I’m going to send you to Hell”, “I hate my life and you said you did too so let’s just die”, etc… Some of the reasons were reasonable, some were just plain garbage. Most of the people that made this deal were under the age of 15. What the hell? You can’t get a second chance to send someone to Hell, so to waste your chance at the age of 13 or something just because your dog died… Or even better- be pressured into pulling the string just to see what happens. Retarded. I don’t know why my brother likes this series so much. It gets props for the art and the original psych you get in the first two episodes though. >_>



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