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When a video of the murder of a Red Clansman is broadcasted for the world to see, rivaling clans begin to clash in search for the one responsible: The self-proclaimed “Colorless King.” Yashiro Isana, a student of Ashinaka High School finds himself in the middle of the feud and the target of the Red Clan HOMRA. He greatly resembles the the murderer in the video, but to prove his innocence he must first survive…

Perhaps due to the alloted number of episodes, this series was unable to fully flush out good character development. It’s either that or the 30% of each episode they wasted on sweeping scenic shots and glittering, hair-waving bishounen shots. Overall the series was horribly paced and pandered greatly to the female audience with the over-indulgence of young males staring into each other’s eyes or brushing against each other. I miss the days where homoerotic subtext were more subtle and done more tastefully. Not this constant fanservice they hammer into your face, for the sake of pandering. It greatly limits the audience pool and comes off as just cheap tricks. If it weren’t for the slight twist in the ending, this series would have received an even lower score. I just hope the manga is nothing like the anime and focuses more on the story and the amazing atmosphere they had created.



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