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Karas (OAV)


6 half hour sections


I am still rather disappointed with the amount of wasted minutes to focus on useless things such as spinning ornaments, blinking lights, etc. While the movie tries to put on some kind of mysterious feel, its result is a dragged out story with the potential to give seizures to its audience due to its flashy, stretched out battles.

The story starts off with the old Karas being defeated and killed by the evil ex-Karas with the goal to destroy the world and remake it in his own vision. Strange events then occur in the city of Shijuku, where victim’s body fluids are drained from them, always leaving one survivor to witness. Demon-like machines that take the form of humans are responsible, sent from the evil ex-Karas. When all hope seems lost for humanity, a new Karas appears after awakening from his coma. Along with this hope is another mysterious person- one who fights the demon machines, but is in fact a one who refuses to transform and feed on humans himself…



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