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Kill la Kill


24 Episodes


In the search for her father’s killer, Ryuuko Matoi enrolls into Honnouji Academy – a high school governed by fear by the student council president Satsuki Kiryuuin. Satsuki claims to know the identity of the woman who killed Ryuuko’s father and wields the other half of the giant pair of scissors which Ryuuko carries around.

Because I knew the people that brought us Gurren Lagann was behind this, I knew this story would be epic. The story starts off so absurd and crazy, one could only wonder where the story could go. This series was extremely funny and full of naked people on both the male and female side. However I believe because I had such high hopes for this anime, the ending wasn’t as epic as I had hoped it would be. Overall however, I had fun with this series and enjoyed the crazy ride.



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