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Last Exile -Ginyoku no Fam-




Fam Fan Fan is a young and highly enthusiastic female sky pirate with the dream to fly in the Grand Race that once brought together all the nations. Unfortunately her world has been torn by war since the Ades Federation decided to annex all other nations in the intent to unite and rule all under their young and manipulated Empress. Fam and her friends soon find themselves in the middle of the war when they save two Turan Princesses after their country’s annihilation.

Overall this series was deeply disappointing. It had almost nothing to do with the original series (sucks as a standalone too) and all the cameos made by previous casts were basically pointless. The first series created a fascinating world with beautiful characters and deep and a moving storyline. This series had an annoying female version of Naruto – loud, obnoxious, immature, and oblivious – almost throughout the entire series. The only time she said something that showed any sign of growing up was within the last ten minutes of the last episode. By then it was too late and much too convenient. As a matter of fact, the whole war, master plan and “villain” were pointless by the end. If you’re going to give up your life’s goal because of a two minute speech from a crying 16 year old girl, then why bother? This series was poorly written and annoyed me to no end. The best episode was the recap episode that covered the first series. Other than that, complete garbage in the attempt to appeal to the modern day fanservice-eating drone. Just watch the first series.



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