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Le Chevalier D’Eon




The story tells of D’Eon de Beaumont, knight of France and member of the secret police, finds his sister’s corpse floating in a coffin down the Seine River, with the words “Psalms” written on its lid. In the journey to search for the reason of his sister’s death/murder, he uncovers the mysteries of the Psalm of the Royal Family with the aid of three other companions- and his sister’s vengeful soul, which possesses his body.

Real historical figures and semi-accurate events to create this fantasy/horror story set in Versailles on the Eve of the French Revolution. A man by the name of D’Eon de Beaumont actually did exist during the time of King Louis XV and actually did go to Russia as a woman. Look up history. It’s actually very interesting since D’Eon de Beaumont did have to dress up like a woman more than half his life to serve as an ambassador and to keep peace between the countries. Too bad rumors of him being a hermaphrodite spread- having his identity as a woman proven wrong only at his death, which drove George III to madness until death. XD Something about his wife…

Magic, zombies, blood, sword fights, and cross-dressing fills this rather enchanting series. Although its animation is a bit weird at times- the way the character’s facial expression don’t flow, the sword fight scenes are always spetacular and shiny. What got me hooked to the series was its plot twists every so often, keeping me on the edge of my seat. Unfortunately, the end felt kind of rushed and everything just piled together, although the ending was quite a surprise, and actually tried to fit itself comfortably in history itself. Let’s not forget the other reason I watched this series: D’Eon cross-dressing and on the verge of getting glomped by his dead sister’s former boyfriends of some sort always kept my eyes glued to the screen to see if any sort of fanservice would happen. But sadly no, the story stuck to its focus and kept us fangirls all crying for more when Maximilien Robespierre almost touched D’Eon… Ah geez, Lia and Maximilien end up being half-brother/sisters, making D’Eon his half-brother…?! *flips through my list of Yaoi Mangas* Hmmm, I DO have some incest but… Anyway, the series started out great, kept me on the edge of my seat, but unfortunately blew its ending with the timing. Oh well.



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