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I was skeptical to watch this series at first, considering the fact that there was an under aged kid and a 20+ year old involved, (I like my pairs older and legal), but I found I liked the character development and storyline surrounding the 12 year old boy. He has a pretty messed up life with an interesting plot, however, the series ends abruptly and leaves off with a pretty bad ending. The story is kind of weird with battles of some sorts between two teams of “Fighters” and their “Sacrifice”. The reason for these battles and their origins are not mentioned, nor are any of the mysterious characters controlling the whole thing developed. Soubi, the Fighter is absolutely gorgeous XD. Also the system where virgins have cat ears and a tail is ingenious. When they lose their virginity, they fall off… You know who’s been a bad kitty if they walk into school one day with no ears and tail haha…



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