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Macross Plus (OAV)


Four forty minute OAVs.


This is one of those cases where based on the title and series name, you expect a lot since its predecessor delivered ground-breaking experiences. Since it’s a bunch of OAVs, you can’t expect a lot of character development to go on, however the plot itself seemed dragged while the key moments ended up being very anti-climatic.

The story is about a reckless test pilot named Isamu who is at a constant feud with his former childhood friend and rival, Guld for a military project. When their fellow childhood friend Myung comes into the picture as the producer to the Virturoid Idol Sharon Apple, things about the past start reveal themselves. If you’re in the mood for an angsty love triangle and interesting hypnotic music, you can give this classic name a try. Otherwise, you’re not missing much.



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