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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: Awakening of the Trailblazer


Two hour movie of events taking place two years after the series ended.


W…T…F…? Those were literally the first thing that came to mind when the movie ended. Actually, I had that thought 10 minutes into the movie… Where to begin? Well first off, the pacing was very off, as the cast was huge. For some reason they decided to add in new people, which made it even more chaotic, as some of the old cast that deserved some spotlight had none. Why they decided to focus a bit of time on a new Innovator character is beyond me. Now the biggest “WTF” is the fact that the antagonist of this finale for the 00 Universe are aliens… Yes, aliens. The first in the Gundam Universe. The Gundam series had always been about people vs people, but the sudden Deus Ex Machina for the purpose of bringing people together is just the laziest way out ever – Next to, “It was all a dream…” But not only are they aliens – They’re faceless, emotionless metal pieces from Jupiter… You decide.

Two years after the events of the second series, the new governments of the world are taking steps to becoming a pacifist world. The Celestial Beings have not appeared for these two years, although behind the scenes they are still active. Saji believes this temporary peace is the result of fear from organizations such as the A-Laws. Then a new threat appears from Jupiter. They are named ELS and appear to be metal organisms that fuse and assimilate with its host, learning its hosts’ technology and thoughts. They are especially attracted to those that can use quantum brainwaves. All over the world, those who have signs of being Innovators are attacked by the ELS. Earth decides to confront the threat before it reaches Earth, sending a fleet that included Descartes Shaman – the world’s first recognized Innovator. (Although Setsuna F. Seiei is already an Innovator, his identity is unknown to the world, of course.) Innovators live longer and have faster reflexes and were Aeolia Schenberg’s prediction of the evolution of humanity. The Innovade Tieria, makes his return, showing that any physical form he takes is just a vessel and that he can freely upload and download himself anywhere he is needed. It eventually comes down to Setsuna using the new GNT-0000 00 Qan[T] and its Quantum System to communicate with the ELS to understand and end all hostilities. A giant desert flower is created in space, where the ELS mass had formerly been. After the credits, fifty years has passed and 25% of the world are Innovators. The giant flower is a space station used for intergalactic travel. Innovators are being sent out to explore new worlds as a metallic Setsuna with glowing eyes reunites with a blind and old Marina, stating that they finally understand each other as they embrace. The final scene shows: “Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.”



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